Out and about in the Delta … random shots

Over the past few years, due to an excruciatingly heavy workload on my work blog, Maven’s Notebook, I have become incredibly behind on cataloging and archiving my photos, not to mention posting anything on this blog.  However, it has grown to the point where it’s just about impossible to find pictures I have taken as they are strewn out over three drives in folders simply labeled with dates, so I have made it a priority to get it under control.

I have traveled through the Delta several times over the past few years; here are some of my favorite shots.

Back in the spring of 2015, I had the opportunity to work with KCET on a photo shoot in the Delta.  On this day, the clouds were incredible … !

Delta channel with clouds #1
Yellow Bridge with clouds #2

The Freeport Bridge …

Sacramento River by Freeport Bridge Apr 2015 #3

Freeport Bridge

Looking at downtown Sacramento from the Freeport Bridge …

Delta with Sacramento water tower in distance Apr 2014

I took these shots one morning on my way to catch the BART at Bay Point …

Delta waterway Apr 2014 #3

Irrigation gate Apr 2014 #5

Delta waterway Apr 2014 #5

To get to the BART station, I had to take the ferry.  Here’s a shot looking at Rio Vista while I waited.

Rio Vista Bridge Apr 2015 #2

I’ve taken this ferry before … Here’s pretty much the same shot, different day.

Rio Vista bridge, Delta Aug 2014 #2

Here’s some interesting stuff I found in the water near Rio Vista …

Near Rio Vista Apr 2014 #4

This is Liberty Island, which has been flooded for habitat.

Liberty Island Apr 2014 #3

There are more than a few grapevines in the Delta …Delta grapevines Apr 2014 #1

Another Delta farm …

Delta farm and field Apr 2014

This looks like south Delta …

Delta waterway Apr 2014 #9

This windmill picture is from the south Delta …

Windmill in the Delta May 2015 #2

And this is Brannan Island State Park.

Brannan Island State Park Apr 2014 #6

I must confess, I do like the North Delta the best.  Here are some shots from along the Sacramento River, just south of Sacramento.

Sacramento River, Delta Apr 2014 #16

Sacramento River, Delta Apr 2014 #13

Sacramento River, Delta Apr 2014 #4

And lastly … the Sacramento water tower.

Sacamento water tower Apr 2014 #2

Along with throwing a lot of photoblog posts at you all at once – and I can’t say that I’m done yet – I have uploaded many more pictures to my page at flickr, so to peruse my collection of California water infrastructure and landscape photos, click here.

So long from the Delta!