Babel Slough – one of my favorite corners of the Delta

On my way back to Sacramento, I often take Route 84 into West Sacramento, and along the way, I often stop at Babel Slough, which is located in the North Delta, Clarksburg area.
Babel Slough Apr 2014 #1

This is one of my favorite corners of the Delta as there’s a lot of interesting things to photograph here, depending upon how you frame it.   The fence, the trees …

Babel Slough Apr 2014 #16

…. add a little farm field in the background …

Babel Slough Aug 2014 #2

…. even some irrigation equipment.  You can really mix it up here 🙂

Babel Slough Aug 2014 #5

On this day, I especially liked the reflections of the tree in the water …

Babel Slough Apr 2014 #18

Across the street, an entirely different view altogether …

Babel Slough Aug 2014 #1

Babel Slough Apr 2014 #15

The road itself is charming, and worthy of dawdling along the way …

Delta road, July 2013

Delta Feb 2013 #32

Delta Feb 2013 #35

So long from Highway 84!