Monterey Peninsula: A short stop for some photos

I arrived in Monterey around 3:30 or so, having a convention to attend the next day.  I headed straight out to the coast.

I don’t really have much to say about Monterey except that it is a thoroughly charming place and would be a great weekend getaway.

I know they have a wonderful aquarium here and a wharf, but I won’t have time to stop there on this trip.  I’ll be at the convention all the next day and the day after that, I’m headed back home, so I just have these few hours.

There’s a park along the way that has planted some interesting plants, like this one below …

… which turns into these lovely flowers.

After having my fill of taking shots of the Monterey coastline – admittedly spectacular, I headed off to my hotel to rest up after a long day of driving.  Here are the rest of my favorite shots of the afternoon: