The Delta in FebruaryRecently, I had the opportunity to visit the Delta.  It was a most magnificent opportunity, as I was meeting someone in the Delta for a boat ride,and she had a place for me to stay.  This gave me the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do – take pictures at sunset and sunrise – and in the Delta, no less!I was coming from the Bay Area, so I was entering the Delta from west.  So, as I often do, I took the Sherman Island Levee Road.  It’s one of my favorite roads in the Delta.Antioch Bridge Feb 2016 #1When traveling down the Sherman Island Levee Road, you simply must stop at some point, turn off your engine, and look back towards the bridge – and most importantly, listen – for the birds.  Most times of the year, they are quite loud, evoking thoughts of those settlers who talked of the loud birds who kept them up at night.Sherman Island Levee Road at dusk Feb 2016 #5As I headed into the Delta, I had many opportunities to snap more pictures …Delta at dusk Feb 2016 #1As I reached Rio Vista, the colors were beautiful.  It was unseasonably warm …Rio Vista Bridge at sunsetI took these shots on the way to the ferry …Sunset in the Delta Feb 2016 #2Sunset in the Delta Feb 2016 #4Sunset in the Delta Feb 2016 #8After crossing the ferry, it was very dark now, but thankfully I was very close to my destination, Snug Harbor.Rio Vista Bridge at sunset Feb 2016 #4At sunrise the next day, I went out to explore …Sunrise at Sung Harbor Feb 2016 #4Snug Harbor is a marina and a campground located not far from Rio Vista.Snug Harbor Feb 2016 #2If you have an RV and a boat, this place has all you need.  Even cute little cabins you can rent.Snug Harbor Feb 2016 #5This was the view from the deck of the rental cabin I stayed in … very nice!Front porch view of the DeltaOn this day, I had the opportunity to go out on the Delta in a boat – another rare opportunity.Rio Vista Bridge Feb 2016Our tour guide took us around to show us habitat projects in the Delta.  This is looking in on restoration at Project Island.Looking in at Prospect IslandThis is old water diversion infrastructure at Liberty Island – the island is now flooded, but they have left the pieces behind …Liberty Island water works Feb 2016Here’s more from the boat ride …Delta in February 2016 #3Birds on a pole Feb 2016 #1Abandoned boat in the Delta Feb 2016 #1Birds in the Delta Feb 2016 #2I must confess, this time of year doesn’t do much for me.  The trees are all on winter hiatus and the colors are just … blah … a landscape made for UPS drivers …Delta in February 2016 #6But it isn’t exactly uniform brown and blah; some parts were actually quite green.  Here are some shots from after the boat ride, as I was ambling out of the Delta …Delta in February 2016 #12Delta in February 2016 #10Delta agriculture Feb 2016 #7Delta agriculture Feb 2016 #2And lastly … a little Delta humor …Delta humor in Isleton Feb 2016 #1So long from the Delta!