Afternoon in the Delta: Hogback Island, Ryer Island and Miner Slough

In June of 2013, I took a trip up to Sacramento, driving through the Delta along the way. My destination: Hogback Island Recreation Area, where I was meeting with one of my readers. I am armed with my trusty Franko’s Map of the California Delta, a necessity, in my opinion, because you can’t count on Google Maps in the Delta; it didn’t even list Hogback Island at all.

I must have been in a hurry to get there, as I didn’t take that many pictures along the way.
Delta waters edge to land June 2013Hogback Island Recreation Area was a pleasant park with a grassy area, picnic tables, and a boat launch.  Here are some shots from the park’s edge.

Delta Hogback Park June 2013 #2

Delta Hogback Park June 2013 #4Then it was back in the car and up to Sacramento.  I crossed on the ferry and headed north.

Delta ferry June 2013Along the way, I found this farm.  I love the contrast of the brown against the green.

Delta field and farm June 2013 #1I think the field is ready to be harvested.  Not sure what it is.

Delta field June 2013Behind me is a pear orchard.

Delta pear trees June 2013These pears look like they are close to being ready to harvest.  There are a lot of pears in the Delta; Courtland has the Pear Festival every year.

Delta pears, ripening June 2013Here is a ranch …Delta field and farm June 2013 #5On Ryer Island, there is a large farm.

Delta field and farm June 2013 #7It has a very large old mill of some sort, the kind that likely gets all creaky and spooky at night.  I’m not sure what it was used for origianlly, but the green equipment inside though is a likely indicator that it has some alternate use these days.

Old mill Ryer Island June 2013 #2There is an old loading structure, too.

Old mill loading equipment Ryer Island June 2013 #4
Miner Slough, Looking back towards the old mill.
Minor Slough June 2013 #1Further up, is Liberty Island.  Once used for agriculture, it is now fish habitat.

Liberty Island June 2013 #2

Liberty Island June 2013 #1My day ended, as most summer days do when I travel up to Sacramento, with a walk in Discovery Park, which is very close to the hotel I stay at when in town.

Discovery Park geese June 2013The park is at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River.

Discovery Park June 2013 #8It is close to downtown Sacramento.  Those are the intakes for the City of Sacramento’s water system that you see out there in the water.

Discovery Park June 2013 #10On a warm summer’s afternoon, the people of Sacramento area always out, enjoying the rivers …

Discovery Park June 2013 #15

Discovery Park June 2013 #6

So long from Sacramento and the Bay-Delta!