Shots from the road: The Central Valley in April, plus an afternoon in the Delta

Another month, another trip to Sacramento … It is April now. The blooms on the trees, so prevalent the previous month, have now all turned to green …

Central Valley Apr 2012 #2I miss the squares of pink and red … but the green is nice, too.  It’s just not as spectacular.

Central Valley Apr 2012 #3Prior to this stop at the northward bound Vista Point, I took a short detour to take a look at the San Luis Reservoir, which did not fill this year.

San Luis Reservoir #1It’s about 63% full on this day.

San Luis Reservoir #2I head off the road into the valley to try and get inspired to take some shots of agriculture …

Central Valley Apr 2012 #4But today I am not feeling inspired to shoot agriculture, so instead, I head towards the Delta.  I decide to look for a place I stopped at many years ago called “Bullfrog Landing.”  The Mokelumne Aqueduct passes through it.  I can’t remember quite where it is, but first I find the aqueduct, so I know I am close.

Mokelumne Aqueduct #1Mokelumne Aqeuduct #2I continue on, looking for Bullfrog Landing, which I figure out, is on Bacon Island and is not called Bullfrog Landing anymore.  It’s really not called anything, it seems.

Bullfrog Landing #8It is that neat old railroad bridge that I remember about this spot.

Bullfrog Landing #7Bullfrog Landing #2Here is the Mokelumne Aqueduct, marching across the island …


Bullfrog Mokelumne #2Bullfrog Mokelumne #1On my way out, I notice this, which is highly annoying …  This really makes me mad when I see people leave their trash places, as if they think the government can afford to hire people to go around and pick up all of this trash …  Whatever happened to the concept of personal responsibility?  Pack it in, pack it out!!!!

Don't Trash the DeltaAfter this, I head in to Sacramento.  On this trip, I ended up with loads of time for pictures, so there’s much more to come.  And on the way back, here are the shots from the Vista Point on the other side of the freeway.  The grass is definitely more brown these days.

Newman Vista #1I wonder how much longer the cows will be there …. Newman Vista #2