Random Central Valley shots

Nowadays, I have found myself traveling up north to Sacramento on a near-monthly basis to sell my ideas and try to nail down other projects that people have talked to me about participating in.    These pictures were taken in early February; this is, I believe, the Kettleman Hills, or close nearby.  This view is towards the west.  I did not photoshop these bright colors in; the grass really IS that green and the water today really does look that blue.  These colors will change; they might have already, as we’ve not had much rain.  By late spring or early summer, these green hills will turn blond.   As I travel up and down the Valley this summer, I’ll track the season colors as they change with my camera.Central Valley green hills Feb 2013 #1

Ah, this is the freeway I am getting to know well.  Interstate 5, a straight shot from Sacramento to Los Angeles, and through the valley it’s mostly laser straight – a boring drive.  Everyone drives crazy fast, working to manuever around the trucks, of which there are a lot of.

Central Valley green hills Feb 2013 #12


Here’s the view of the Aqueduct snaking south towards Los Angeles through the green hills.  These were pictures taken on my return trip.Central Valley green hills Feb 2013 #9On the day I drove up to Sacramento, it was a very gray day … blah …  This was good, probably, because there wasn’t much agricultural activity going on and the orchards had their winter colors on, so I was not inspired to venture off to take pictures of farms and things.  Anyway, I was trying to get into the Delta by early afternoon (see previous post).

Central Valley gray day Feb 2013 #3

However, at the viewpoint, someone had left this ratty old chair, so I had some fun with it, pulling it around as if someone would sit in it and look at the farmland below.

Chair in the Central Valley Feb 2013 #3

Chair in the Central Valley Feb 2013 #4

These pictures were taken at the vista points, so as I travel back and forth in the upcoming months, it will be interesting to track the changes through the seasons in the Central Valley.