An afternoon in the Delta

On a recent trip up to Sacramento, I took a trip through the Delta.  Arriving shortly after lunch time, the weather was mild and quite lovely.  The orchards and vineyards will still in winter mode – brown and barren so I did not bother to take farm pictures this time.

The Delta still had fall colors on in some places …

Delta #1 Feb 2013

Delta #2 Feb 2013

I decided to tour places in the Delta that I hadn’t really been to before, so I went to Isleton. ( Love the name of the bait shop, by the way … )

Isleton #1 Feb 2013

Isleton is a pretty little town, but not a lot of economic activity and many empty shops.  Perhaps it fills up more in the summertime – at least I hope so.

Isleton ##2 Feb 2013

Isleton’s historic district …

Isleton #3 Feb 2013

Here’s a picture from the public dock at Isleton.

Delta #3 Feb 2013

And just down the way, the historic town of Locke.

Locke #1 Feb 2013

Locke has a rich Chinese history, which is well represented by the shops in the historic section of town.

Locke #2 Feb 2013

Locke #3 Feb 2013

I love the bridges in the Delta.  This one looks freshly painted.

Delta #4 Feb 2013

Delta #7 Feb 2013

This is on Grand Island, across from the historic Ryde Hotel.

Delta #5 Feb 2013

Delta #6 Feb 2013

Delta road …

Delta #8 Feb 2013

Random Delta shots …

Delta #9 Feb 2013

Delta #10 Feb 2013

The sun was getting low and it was time to be getting into town, but here’s one last shot of a beautiful gnarly tree …

Gnarly tree

So long from the Delta … !