The Historical American Engineering Record for the Los Angeles and Colorado River Aqueducts

Ever wondered what is inside those anonymous DWP buildings all around town?  Or did you ever want to take a peek into the Colorado River Aqueduct?  Then I have something for you, something sure to thrill all of you water infrastructure buffs.

There is extensive information on file at the Library of Congress’ Historic American Engineering Record regarding both the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the Colorado River Aqueduct.  In order to make that information more accessible to me, and therefore to you as well, I have compiled the following slideshows.  This material is in the public domain, and I’ve included links within the presentation so you can access the information directly at the Library of Congress if you’re interested.  I’ve also made them downloadable, so you are free to download your own copy!  From best as I can tell, the material was compiled around 2001, but the pictures are all in black and white, although it sort of adds to the presentation.

I’m off to the Eastern Sierra this weekend on a long-planned camping trip.  I’ve got my cameras charged up and I’m looking forward to taking a bunch of pictures that I will post here, of course!  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these slideshows, and do have a pleasant and safe holiday!

The scans on the Colorado River Aqueduct drawings are a little bit better than the scans of the Los Angeles Aqueduct slideshow.  Also, the Los Angeles Aqueduct slideshow seems to look a hair bit better when read directly of the Slideshare site.