The Heidrick Ag History Center in Woodland, California

When I visited Sacramento in March (see post below), the continuous rain and flooding problems made my planned trip into the Delta a wash, so instead I drove out to the Heidrick Ag History Center in Woodland, California, just 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento.

Home page readers, come see what’s inside the museum by clicking the link directly below:

If the agriculture equipment at the museums you usually visit look like this, and if you ever wanted to know what these machines were meant to do …

then you owe it to yourself to visit the Heidrick Ag History Center in Woodland. Here you can see the equipment restored, as well as read plaques and view videos to understand how the machines work.

Some of the displays show the machines and the type of work that they did.

I had really come to see this rather small and insignificant looking piece of equipment, the Fresno scraper – this marvelous tool of desert reclamation. Developed and patented by James Porteous of the Fresno Agricultural Works in 1882, it was so popular it was licensed to a number of companies. It was particularly useful in constructing irrigation systems in the Central Valley as well as the Imperial Valley, and was the forerunner to the bulldozer. But you wouldn’t know all that by looking at it, now would you …

Next door is the Hays Antique Truck Museum, which has a large number of restored trucks,

as well as this wooden replica of a truck!

You can visit the Heidrick Ag Center online by clicking here.

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