The Feather River Canyon, California’s SR-70

California’s SR-70 crosses northeastern California, from the Nevada-California border to just outside of Chico. I traveled it for the first time this summer. If you have a chance to travel this route, take a day and do it! It’s definitely worth it.

We started down SR-70 from the Nevada-California border. This is one of the first valleys you come to.

This is pretty much at the start of the middle fork of the Feather River. If you drink from the State Water Project, here is where your water starts from.

This is wintertime along SR-70, in the same vicinity.

This is just outside of Quincy. Ranching is big in this region.
The river gains strength as the creeks and streams in the area feed into it.
At points, the river flows through canyons.
Some of the rock formations along the road are quite exquisite.
Further down, the river is significantly larger. In fact, there are several PG&E hydropower plants on the river, none of which I photographed, unfortunately....
Here, the river was amazingly still and beautiful....
...and there was an abundance of flat rocks, just perfect for skipping!
There is a train route which follows the river ...

... and a lot of really amazing train bridges. These were not the most spectacular, just the most easily photographed!
Toward the end of the route, the river is in a rocky canyon. Many of the tributaries tumble over rocks and waterfalls into the river.

At the end, you come out to the Sacramento Valley vista, not far from Chico.

I hope some day to return again, and photograph more of this route.  The railroad bridges in particular are amazing!

A piece of advice if you do decide to travel this route:  Take your time and go slowly.  Seek out the river because sometimes it hides from you.  Stop often when the river is close to the road and look for access to the riverbanks; it is well worth it.  Bring your  fishing pole if you care to.  There’s plenty of camping here, too.  Enjoy!