Bus tour of the Delta

I was going through my photo files the other day and came across these pictures of the Delta from a tour; I always meant to do a slideshow, but … well, let’s just say I got sidetracked.  So I went ahead and put all my pictures from the Delta into this lengthy post.  This is also only a portion of what we saw; we were driven extensively through the Delta, oftentimes we stopped at places but didn’t always get off the bus.   Pictures through the bus window don’t always work out so well.  So. with that being said,  here is my photo tour of the Delta.  I hope you enjoy!

Twitchell Island, with Mt. Diablo in the hazy distance.

We visited a USGS project that is using tules to reverse subsidence on the Delta islands.
This is the Smith Canal in Stockton. Although the picture looks rural, it really is quite urbanized here.
The presentation here discussed a flood control project that recently received funding.
There were a lot of people fishing here, too. 
This was taken from Sherman Island. Note the Antioch Bridge in the distance.
Another shot from Sherman Island.
The tour included a dinner cruise on the Stockton Delta, where we were joined by Stocktonians enjoying the Delta. It was a beautiful evening. This is very close to downtown Stockton.
This was on a Wednesday evening, and there were a lot of people out enjoying the waterway.
Another shot of the Delta from the dinner cruise.
The Sacramento River, near the Delta Cross Channel …
We stopped at the Delta Discovery Center, a really exciting project under development that when completed, will include an interpretive center and so much more. A few months ago, the farmers market opened. I am returning to the Delta in March and I look forward to seeing how much farther they have come. You can find out more at www.discoverthedelta.org.
This is from somewhere inside the Delta. I think I took this one through the window of the bus.
We also stopped at the Delta Cross Channel. The cross channel is used to transfer Sacramento River water across the Delta.
These gates can be opened and closed depending on water quality, flood protection, and fish protection requirements.  They are usually closed most of the spring.
Bethel Island is one of the more populated islands in the Delta.
A lonely sunflower keeps watch on the levee by Bethel Island.
Also from the Bethel Island levee.
Looking inside from the levee.
We also visited the Skinner Fish Facility.  These screens keep the larger fish out.
These are the fish screens that try and keep the smaller fish out of the pumps.
The ones that make it through end up here in a tank, where they are counted and trucked back into the Delta.
This is Contra Costa Water District’s Los Vaqueros Dam. This dam is going to be enlarged.
This is Los Vaqueros Reservoir. No body contact allowed, but there is fishing and a hiking/biking trail that circles the reservoir.
Dinner on the second night was at the Caprice Restaurant in Sausalito.
Agriculture is the main land use in the Delta, and we drove by many fields and orchards.
We also toured the Contra Costa Water District’s water treatment plant.
This machine uses ozone to disinfect the water.
The Bill Jones Pumping Plant supplies the Central Valley Project. It is located very close to the pumps for the State Water Project.
Apparently their cleaning lady doesn’t do windows.  That’s okay; mine doesn’t either.
And here are the pumps. At least you know your tax dollars don’t go to making them all look pretty.
The pumps are located underneath the white tops; the Gantry Crane can go over head for servicing.
The third day began with a trip to the Golden Gate National Park for some presentations…
… and then on to the ferry to San Francisco, passing by Alcatraz Island…
Unfortunately, the fog did not cooperate for any good Golden Gate Bridge photos.
.. and then for a much-too-short visit to San Francisco (only because any trip to San Francisco that lasts less than a long weekend is just too short!)
We had a quick trip through the Aquarium of the Bay ….

Our last stop was at the Suisun Marsh before we returned to Sacramento. It was quite a trip!

Thanks for looking!