The New River: The most polluted river in America

Today we went out to see the New River, before leaving Calexico. This is not going to be our usual river experience, I tell the kids. The New River is (one of?) the most polluted waterways in the United States, and it arrives here this way from Mexico. This shot is the river, looking northward. (Stay tuned ... it gets worse than this picture, I promise ...)

If the smell isn't enough to clue you in, there are signs posted that tell you to keep out.
Looking up toward the border, there is a fence across the water, it looks like, with something white behind it..... Let's go see what it is!
As we get closer, we see white things floating in the air. Is it paper? we wonder....?
Uh, no... not paper ... it's foam ... disgusting foam ... yech!!!
And here is is, the river crossing the border. We are just a few hundred yards from the border (the ever-present border patrol is watching us carefully). The most polluted river in America, I tell the family. Disgusting! Yuk! they say. Ain't it great, the landmarks I drag you to???Aw, ain't it grand, I say?
It makes this side look clean by comparison....