Owens Lake infrastructure: One last look

Infrastructure can be cool.

Especially when it is sitting out in the middle of nowhere.

And that’s what is interesting about Owens Lake bed.  It is one of those rare opportunities to shoot pictures of wacky-looking infrastructure out in the middle of a manufactured lake bed which is positioned in a valley 10,000+feet deep, wedged in between the highest point in the continental US (Mount Whitney) and another nearly as tall (White Mountains).

Owens Lake Bed Aug 2012 #32I’ve already explained what the Owens Lake bed is all about, in this photoblog post, this potoblog post, and this one, too, so I won’t bother to repeat myself.  This post is a recap of sorts of the funky infrastructure I have encountered on my 4+ trips across the lake bed.

Owens Lake Bed Aug 2012 #39It’s hard to imagine there is any place else like it, anywhere on earth.  (If you’ve ever seen anything comparable, please let me know.)

Owens Lake Bed Aug 2012 #31

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to stand out in the middle of this deep valley surrounded by all of this weird infrastructure …

Owens Lake Bed Aug 2012 #38

Owens Lake Bed Aug 2012 #36

Owens Lake infrastructure Apr 2012 #1Drive a lake, anyone?

Owens Lake infrastructure Apr 2012 #4

Some of it’s bizarre, and looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before …
Owens Lake infrastructure Apr 2012 #21 Owens Lake infrastructure Apr 2012 #24 Owens Lake infrastructure Apr 2012 #19

Did Wiley E. Coyote leave the bright red box?  It’s only missing the “ACME” logo …Owens Lake infrastructure Apr 2012 #23Touchdown, anyone … ?Owens Lake infrastructure Apr 2012 #15The red tomatoes are actually fertilizers or other additives for the managed vegetation, I believe, as this was the infrastructure located around the managed vegetation areas.Owens Lake infrastructure Apr 2012 #11

I was disappointed to learn that water never shoots out of this huge pipe, but that it’s more of a ventilator for the pipeline underneath.  Darn.Owens Lake dust control project #30

And last one to leave must remember to turn off the lake … !Owens Lake dust control project #69One day I came across an excavator, which was photographically fun.

Owens Lake Excavator Apr 2012 #2 Owens Lake Excavator Apr 2012 #4And this was rather odd looking, like a rather large snake … Owens Lake Bed Aug 2012 #2 One thing I haven’t ever really explained is the sacred cow.  Apparently this sign indicates that there is a critical pipeline runs on the side or the road, and apparently a contractor on the project was concerned that heavy equipment would tread there, he made these signs, which only exist in one northern portion of the project.

Owens Lake dust control project #200

Owens Lake sacred cow Apr 2012 #5 with Michael PratherOK so who can resist having their picture taken with a sacred cow?  That’s me on the left, and Michael Prather of the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society on the right.

And that’s the last post from Owens Lake, unless I return there again, as I work through categorizing and uploading my photo library to flickr.

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